The Penny Stock Prophet $1,000 to $1 Million

Alright, here's what my barber is always asking me about, penny stocks. Well, here we have the Penny Stock Prophet. So who is The Penny Stock Prophet? He is James Connelly, a college dropout, who has been interested in the stock market since he was a teenager. His father taught him to read charts and quarterly earnings reports, and on his 16th birthday, bought him a subscription to The Wall Street Journal.

Connelly opened his first trading account while a freshman in college and soon he began skipping classes to research stocks. As Connelly puts it, "I was making more money from my dorm room than most people make at their jobs". Hey, Bill Gates was a college dropout too and look where he's at now.

Eventually, Connelly discovered 4 key variables he believed to be the secret to identifying stocks that were poised to breakout. Now, Connelly is willing to share a little bit of his knowledge with the public. What he calls, the "Psychological Support Level", which is the key to his method. So with that in hand, he has created a strategy that utilizes PSL. The strategy looks to predict when a stock is about to make a major move 24-48 hours before the move happens. Initial tests achieved gains of 28% over 30 days and 11 trades. Not too. But Connelly wasn't happy with those results, so he continued improving his system to where he is at today, microcap stocks.

So what is the Penny Stock Prophet? The Penny Stock Prophet is a weekly newsletter from Connelly that details his picks including why he believes his pick is ready for a breakout. Of course this is the stock market and Connelly does take the occasional loss, but trading penny stocks, there's not the risk of say putting your money into a bigger name stock that is in the 100's and having it drop out from under you.

I am not saying that everyone will achieve the $1,000 to $1 million in 38 trades that Connelly claims, but if you could settle for even one tenth of that, then this is definitely worth a look. Penny Stock Prophet comes with an 8 week money back guarantee and also Connelly will give you your first two picks for free. So overall, this is a pretty low risk investment for the possible gains that can be had. My suggestion, take it for a test run with funds you won't miss, you might be pleasantly surprised.