Is Every Woman Really Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man? The Man i

Clean shirt, new shoes

And I don't know where I'm goin' to

Silk suit, black tie

I don't need a reason why.

They come runnin' just as fast as they can

Coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man. (ZZTop)

No, they are not; there are plenty of women who prefer their men in jeans and tee shirts. In my city an inordinate number of attractive women fall all over guys who sport cutoffs and wifebeaters. Whatever floats the boat. However, most women are crazy about a sharp dressed man. I'll briefly explain why, but primarily want to provide some ideas to help the average Joe approach sharp-dressed status.

For the men that have not noticed, the vast majority of women possess an almost innate ability to dress well. Men - not so much. True, a handful of women are adrift souls when it comes to fashion (just consider the celebrity faux-paus on Oscar night!), but they are exceptions. I think women want their partners to have a clue, to be able to match colors or have the sense to ask.

I also believe women want to be transported beyond life's daily grind. Ever notice how women follow celebrities? They watch the entertainment shows and read the magazines. Many live their lives vicariously through Angelina or Lady Gaga or Kristen the vampire groupie. It's like a Cinderella complex except the glass slipper never shows. Being with a man who dresses well helps lift them a little bit above the mundane. Ordinary is okay and an excellent approach to life; however, some things must transcend average to prevent us from going crazy. That is why guys love sports so much. Fashion is the feminine attempt at transcendence. The only major drawback here is its direct relationship with shopping.

Most male celebrities and athletes dress to the nines when they are not performing. Average guys don't do this. Perhaps it is the perceived extravagance of the cost. Most of us will never purchase a two thousand dollar Brooks Brothers suit or a pair of seven hundred dollar Armani shoes. It's just not necessary. A man can dress well even on a tight budget. The secret isn't how much clothing and accessories cost, but how they fit a man's body style.

Of course, there are rules every man should follow. Always match a belt with the shoes (and if you are considering wearing a lime green belt for your next date - just stay home). Socks should match the color of the pants and should never be worn with sandals (never!). The cuff of a man's trousers should rest on the back of his shoe and drape just on the top in the front. And my favorite - if a man does not know how much cologne is too much, he should not be allowed to wear any at all.

Thin men may want to wear lighter colors and avoid darks, especially black, unless they wish to look like a pencil. Conversely, heavy-set men should avoid lighter color clothes because a 5X white shirt does look a little too much like a tent from a civil war reenactment camp. Ask for help if necessary. Women love to dispense fashion advice and will applaud a guy trying to dress with style.

Finally, we need to discuss accessories. Let's just say less is more - as in if a guy is wearing more jewelry than his date he is far less likely to get another. A nice watch and ring, nothing else is necessary. Yes, that means getting rid of the Timex, but does not require a Breitling or Tag Heuer. I have Kenneth Cole and Citizen watches. Both look great (meaning stylish) and neither cost more than one hundred dollars.

This concludes The Man in the Mirror series. I hope it has been useful in preparing guys for the world of dating. Now we can move on to some of the nuts and bolts of internet dating. thanks for visiting and please keep reading my friends.