Hunter Wellies: Pedigree Solutions for the Foot!

Hunter Wellies -- a name to reckon with, has 150 years of lineage and still going strong. People from all walks of life like to possess at least one in their footwear collection. People especially who live in cold region cannot do without one Hunter Wellies. This is one brand which is close to the hearts of UK citizens.

These shoes are lightweight, flexible, practical and long lasting. They are made of high quality natural rubber which has superior elasticity and durability. These weather proof shoes/boots are best suited for wet wintry days. The craftsmen use 28 different parts and materials to sculpt and form a pair of Hunter Wellies. Their boots and shoes can be worn for a number of occasions. They are highly versatile and can be casually worn with different kinds of clothing.

Their range include elegant sports, Hunter Bench made, RHS Gardening, Hunter Original and Hunter Technical collection. If you are an adventure sports person then go in for Hunter sports. They are best made for horse riding, trekking, mountaineering, cycling and water sports. This footwear is your mate if you are out discovering the wilderness.

They are best suited for the UK's ever changing weather pattern. On rainy days, these boots will keep the feet dry and warm. If you love the rainy season, but are afraid of catching cold and venturing outdoors, try their classic shoe. Now rush into the first showers of rain to thaw your mood.

They are best on a hard working winter day. Their rubber boots is well suited for a wet rainy day, whereas patent leather boots are rightly made for winter days. All their boots come with full length water proof zipper, enabling users to take it off and put it on easily.

A word of advice: Always keep these boots dry and clean in an airy place, so they last for life. The humidity and wetness in air might spoil the look and texture of the boots. Polish or rub them regularly and store them away carefully.

Hunter Wellies for women have striking designs and come in varied colours. Hunter Regent Savoy is very popular among the ladies. New designs and styling in women's variety have won hearts as well as accolades. To suit the mood and the ambience, the women's range comes brightly and aptly coloured!

These shoes sport an expensive look. They do look costly and charming but they are not so expensive. The best part is they are so dependable and makes you feel confident.