Hollywood Gossip And News

Boy, do I like star rumours! I do not know why I am so star struck, but it is always been that way. I have always been interested with celebrities and their lives. When I was a little child I wrote fan letters to my preferred stars, the Pink Panther persona Peter Sellers was one and Jerry Lewis was another. I used to dance along to my 45 rpm discs to songs from the Beatles, hoping that John, Paul, George and Ringo will suddenly drive by my suburban home in Bethesda, MD, see me, and be so shocked they will stop and come knock on my door.

While residing in L.A. as an adult, I soon came to know that actors were just human beings, and sometimes not very gentle ones. Star news spread like wild fire in Orange County. Everyone knew someone, that knew someone, that SWORE that a story about a star was true. The most notorious tall tale, and one that did not come down for years, was about Richard Gere. A friend of my relative present in the hospital that evening and he said that...

The latest piece of bigwig rumours that, unfortunately, turned out to be true, was a few months ago when I received a message from my buddy in Orange County saying Michael J. is dead. My original thought was Michael Jordan, but when I went to the Internet I saw that the world was aflame with the rumors that Michael Jackson had been taken to the ER, unconscious. When I called my friend and said that MJ was not dead, he said, Believe me. My wife works in Pediatrics at Cedars Sinai and she knows someone who works in the ER heard the rest!